What is a 30-Day Secular Media Fast?

What if the noise of godless media is drowning out the voice of God? Not all media is bad... but maybe the distraction away from God is making harder to hear and see God at work.

This is a journey of a group of high school students who have committed to take 30 days to focus on God through God-centered media. This includes TV, movies, books, magazines, smart phone apps, and many social media outlets.

Here, you can follow their stories, their lives, and their challenges. Feel free to leave comments and encouragement.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Made It Through the First Weekend

And that officially concludes my first weekend of doing the media fast. I must say, I didn't realize how much time I spent every weekend watching T.V. or listening to music. It was an overall quiet weekend in our house surprisingly, given the fact that only the T.V. in my parents room was the only source of noise in the whole house. The days seem so much longer without any media distracting me, and it's rather nice to enjoy some peace and quiet. Friday and Saturday were the most difficult days for me, because the temptation to watch T.V. was extremely high. The restaurant we ate at Friday had T.V.s EVERYWHERE!

Day 17

Hey guys! Today I was in school and we had a socratic seminar with my class. It was really fun and we got to discuss several different topics, one of them being about whether or not we thought that famous people in our history made the right choices or not. When this topic came up, I thought of Jesus. He did what he deemed right, but what the law determined as sin and unjustice. Through this I am learning to be more about being true to who I am and listening to God for instructions and advice.
~Jessica Burns

Long time, no blog.

I'm not going to lie, and I know all of you have been wanting to say this too, but I miss secular media!! I love God and all, but I need skrillex. With the help of my brother, Iv'e found some good Christian bands though :) If you need some, ask meh! It seems like there's not much to do without media, but when you think about it, there's actually quite a lot to do. For instance, me, Katie, and our friend Jenine hung out all day today, with no secular media (Either than the music that was playing at T-Town, which was a constant loop of HSM, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry) We got a chance to just talk about random stuff, and just get to know each other better. And eat everything in sight, but that's a different story. Even though we aren't always necessarily having a Bible study, I think it's good how we get an opportunity to just talk with our friends and see how they're really doing, other than just the "hi, bye" friendships most of us have with each other.
"But wait Maggie, can't we do that after media fast too?"
Duh! That's the beauty of it all in my opinion. We can do all the Bible reading, fellowshipping, and journaling after the fast! It just took me the fast to sorta get me in that habit. Fellowship is a form of worship, right?
Sorry I'm writing so much, I tend to ramble. Anyways, I hope all of you are doing well! Eleven more days. Is it possible? I THINK YES!

1 Peter 3:8-9
8. Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be humble.
9. Do not repay evil for evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.

Friday, March 18, 2011


so im in ohio visiting cedarville university, and all of the guys in the dorms are playing halo. its really hard to ignore them and just do homework. but no one said this would be easy, right?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 16

I am doing really well in school and I am realizing that my attention span for homework is much greater, becuase I know that movies aren't such a big distraction! I am going through Mark right now and enjoying every step of the way. I am learning so much by reading my bible more and praying about it! I'm so happy that we're half-way there!
~Jessica Burns

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

pressin on

i keep forgetting to bring my ipod when i go to the gym, and i have to sing a random christian song so i dont listen to the music playing in there. but at least theres no music in the basketball court. made it through the first half of march, just gotta keep pressin on!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Whats the point of this if we arent going to let it change us?

The fast has gone fairly good for me so far. Parts are hard and some parts are easy. Listening to a lot of music and i have really started to like a lot of different styles than i usually do like rap. Christian rap is pretty good.
Some lyrics that have really stuck with me are "we think the thoughts whether or not we see them through." We can go through this whole fast and if were not changing how we think it is all pointless. I had the opportunity to go to the Rock and Worship Roadshow Saturday night. Seeing so many people all there for the same purpose all there worshiping was amazing. Almost halfway done..... Heres to the rest of the month.....

usin' my muscles

well today i have tempted to watch tv with my sisters. they were wachtin some cake show.. i wanted to walk into the living room a look so bad, but i restrained myself. :D thank u Jesus for giving me "muscle"

Day 14

While doing the media fast, I have finally taken the time to really try to understand what God is trying to say through different verses. I love all of the parables that Jesus tells the disciples and his other followers about. Through them I am able to understand the various messages he is trying to get across. I am learning to be patient with people or actions that happen, knowing that God has purposely put that there to teach me a lesson.
I have been able to see God through the everyday gifts that he provides my family with. I am very thankful that I have a dog, Boo. He is super funny and he keeps all of my family laughing constantly! (:
~Jessica Burns