What is a 30-Day Secular Media Fast?

What if the noise of godless media is drowning out the voice of God? Not all media is bad... but maybe the distraction away from God is making harder to hear and see God at work.

This is a journey of a group of high school students who have committed to take 30 days to focus on God through God-centered media. This includes TV, movies, books, magazines, smart phone apps, and many social media outlets.

Here, you can follow their stories, their lives, and their challenges. Feel free to leave comments and encouragement.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Board Games!!

So in spite of my lack of being able to use electronics, me and my family had fun the old fashioned way tonight! we played a few board games, oooohhhh yyeeeaaaa!! haha I forgot how fun they can be! especially when you play them with your family. So the turnout, the first game was a trivia game and I was at a big disadvantage cuz my parents have years or experience more than I do, but WHAT DO YOU KNOW! i won :) haha, so that was fun cuz i could rub it in my mom's face. Because she does that to me, haha. The next game was "The worlds best word game" or so it was called.....aaaaannndd of course....those of you who know my mom, she naturally won of course. So after that we played a game called chicken foot, My dad won the first game and I won the second game and my mom won the third and fourth. And throughout the whole game I was singing old 80's rock songs in high octaves to try to distract them. Which ended up not working :/ I just ended up with a sore throat. But yea! so that was fun spending time with my family. Hope all you guys find something cool to do like that on the fast :) good luck!

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