What is a 30-Day Secular Media Fast?

What if the noise of godless media is drowning out the voice of God? Not all media is bad... but maybe the distraction away from God is making harder to hear and see God at work.

This is a journey of a group of high school students who have committed to take 30 days to focus on God through God-centered media. This includes TV, movies, books, magazines, smart phone apps, and many social media outlets.

Here, you can follow their stories, their lives, and their challenges. Feel free to leave comments and encouragement.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week 1 done!

So far so good. The first week has gone by pretty smoothly. The hardest part of this fast for me this year is definitely music. I really don't listen to a whole lot of Christian music but not anything that's super bad. So trying to find music to listen to is kinda tough. I'm with Chloe where I like a lot of electronic music and the funny thing is is that there is usually no words in the music soooo I don't know if it really counts. Well the first week is over guys, Keep Strong!!!

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  1. Look up Andy Hunter... he's a Christian... his music is more club than electronic. I would say Owl City (since he claims to be a Christian) but his music doesn't really point to God... and it doesn't make sense... and it gets annoying. But I'll keep looking for some good electronic music. Tell me who you like and I'll find something similar