What is a 30-Day Secular Media Fast?

What if the noise of godless media is drowning out the voice of God? Not all media is bad... but maybe the distraction away from God is making harder to hear and see God at work.

This is a journey of a group of high school students who have committed to take 30 days to focus on God through God-centered media. This includes TV, movies, books, magazines, smart phone apps, and many social media outlets.

Here, you can follow their stories, their lives, and their challenges. Feel free to leave comments and encouragement.


Friday, March 4, 2016

Not really missing media... Yet

Well... Probably should have posted earlier... but I'm doing it now instead. Yay!

Wow, no media for an entire month, how exiting! Alright, truthfully, I was not looking forward to this month; and I gotta say, even though its only been just under a week, I'm really not missing media that much. The only thing that I do somewhat miss so far, is listening to all my favorite tunes. Which really isn't all that big of a deal though, because I can just listen to other christian artists instead. I think living without media hasn't really hit me yet, maybe because I've been so busy lately. Then again, I still have the rest of the month, so we'll see how I feel after the weekend rolls around.

Anyway, I have high hopes for the rest of this month. Coming from past experience, living without the distractions of "needing" to watch movies, TV shows, or playing video games, can be really freeing. It frees up time that I can use to spend with my family, with God, and doing whatever else media has kept me from. I hope that this month my family and I can grow closer, and that I'll grow closer with my friends who are doing the media fast too. I'll be praying for all you on the fast!

See ya next post ladies and gents,


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