What is a 30-Day Secular Media Fast?

What if the noise of godless media is drowning out the voice of God? Not all media is bad... but maybe the distraction away from God is making harder to hear and see God at work.

This is a journey of a group of high school students who have committed to take 30 days to focus on God through God-centered media. This includes TV, movies, books, magazines, smart phone apps, and many social media outlets.

Here, you can follow their stories, their lives, and their challenges. Feel free to leave comments and encouragement.


Thursday, March 1, 2018

One Month a Year for 15 Years...Until Now

       I am a Junior and I have done the Media Fast almost my whole life (been doing it for 15 years) so I would say I'm pretty used to it by now. This would be my 4th official year doing the media fast and going on the missions trip. I have decided to challenge myself this year and go 2 1/2 months instead of just thirty days. I actually started my media fast on February 8th and plan on going till April 30th. I have given up all media like Instagram, and Facebook. I have also decided to fast from online shopping/browsing because I often find myself browsing for things I don't need.(which I never end up buying anything) Every year I give up music and movies that don't focus on God...but this year since I started in February I "had" to watch the Olympics. My family is kinda Olympic "junkies" and we love watching just about every sport. But now since the Olympics are over I am now giving up all TV and music not focused on God. I am exited to see what God is going to show me through this 82 day fast.

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